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ORMC Meetings • 2020-2021 Academic Year

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This year we will be starting off with a great worksheet filled with a variety of problems, and we will go through it in teams in competition. cant wait!

Handouts: Solutions | Worksheet

This week we will be learning about a very important topic to the theory of Abstract Algebra: Permutations.

Handouts: Worksheet | Solutions

Hello! This week we are continuing on the topic of permutations.

Handouts: Worksheet | Solutions

Today is the last day of this topic and we finally be able to combine taxicab distance and permutations to solve the 15 puzzle.

Handouts: Worksheet

Today we are going to test the limits of zoom by going through an awesome geometry worksheet that focuses on the use of compass and straight edge.

Handouts: Worksheet

Continuing from last week but with even more detailed constructions and Euclidian proofs!

Handouts: Worksheet

Today we go into a new and really awesome topic: Combinatorics!


This week we will be continuing what we stared last week and talk more about combinatorics. We will be starting with a brief review of what we spoke about last week, before moving onto completely new problems.

Handouts: Handout

We are going to be playing a zoom adapted math circle favorite! I hope everyone has a great time.


An introduction to something awesome: Complex Numbers.

Handouts: Handout | Solutions

This week we will continue the worksheet from last week and then move onto a worksheet going into the details of the number systems we went over last week.

Handouts: Handout