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LAMC Meetings • 2019-2020 Academic Year

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We will be starting off the new quarter with some algebra activities.

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We will discuss board-tiling problems-- is it possible to completely cover a region with a particular set of tiles without overlap? -- and interesting mathematical problems that arise from these puzzles.

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We will continue to expand on last week's topic of tilings.

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We will be working with some algebra problems this week.

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Continuing our work in algebra last week, we will look at remainders and divisibility.

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We will continue our work in algebra with GCDs.

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The Euclidean Algorithm is a way to find the greatest common divisor of two numbers. Using what we've learned in algebra in the past weeks, we will investigate how this method works.

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Some more fun with algebra, primes, and GCDs!

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We will finish out the quarter with some friendly competition!


Welcome back to Math Circle! We will kick off the quarter with some applications of graphs and geometry.


More work with graphs and geometry.


More work with graph theory and geometry proofs.