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This year we will be starting off with a great worksheet filled with a variety of problems, and we will go through it in teams in competition. cant wait!

Handouts: Solutions | Worksheet

This week we will be learning about a very important topic to the theory of Abstract Algebra: Permutations.

Handouts: Worksheet | Solutions

Hello! This week we are continuing on the topic of permutations.

Handouts: Worksheet | Solutions

Today is the last day of this topic and we finally be able to combine taxicab distance and permutations to solve the 15 puzzle.

Handouts: Worksheet

Today we are going to test the limits of zoom by going through an awesome geometry worksheet that focuses on the use of compass and straight edge.

Handouts: Worksheet

Continuing from last week but with even more detailed constructions and Euclidian proofs!

Handouts: Worksheet

Today we go into a new and really awesome topic: Combinatorics!


This week we will be continuing what we stared last week and talk more about combinatorics. We will be starting with a brief review of what we spoke about last week, before moving onto completely new problems.

Handouts: Handout

We are going to be playing a zoom adapted math circle favorite! I hope everyone has a great time.


An introduction to something awesome: Complex Numbers.

Handouts: Handout | Solutions

This week we will continue the worksheet from last week and then move onto a worksheet going into the details of the number systems we went over last week.

Handouts: Handout

This week we start in the topic of trigonometry

Handouts: Handout

Today we connect what we learned last week with the complex numbers!

Handouts: Handout

Hello Intermediate 2A students!

Today we will be investigating some ideas in probability in combination with some familiar ideas in geometry. We think today's handout will be great for those that found our previous topics less than exciting compared to usual. We hope that these probability problems will be a good change of pace!

Handouts: Handout | Solutions

President's Day Weekend. Class on the 21st.


Hello everyone! This week we will be working on some problems that have to do with number theory! Number theory is a very important subject in math and is considered one of the most difficult!

Handouts: Solutions | Handout

This week we are continuing our problems on the Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT) along with a small introduction to ‘if and only if' proofs within the context of remainders and divisibility

Handouts: Handout

This week we are continuing some more on divisibility with problems around the greatest common divisor as well as Euclid's division algorithm. The handout is attached below.

Handouts: Handout
Handouts: Handout

This week we took a break from our regular scheduled programming for a fun math game!


Hello Intermediate 2B students!

We are continuing a bit of work from last week and introducing some additional and useful ideas in probability.

Handouts: Handout

This week we introduce some general ideas about functions and proofs.

As a friendly reminder, please change your zoom profile name to your actual ORMC registered name (this will help us identify you at the beginning of class)!

Handouts: Worksheet

This week we introduce some ideas about area approximation, which is very useful in calculus. After this week we will have at least two handouts on one my favorite topics in math: graph theory!

Handouts: Handout

This Sunday we are working on some graph theory and geometry problems, with a bit of area approximation remaining from last week.

As a friendly reminder please change your zoom profile name to your actual ORMC registered name (this will help us identify you at the beginning of class)!

Handouts: Worksheet

This week we are starting to look at the Taxi-cab metric: an awesome part of analysis

Handouts: Handout

This week we are studying invariants!