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Did you ever want to communicate with your friends in a secret way that only those who knew the secret could understand? A cipher is a tool for writing and reading secret messages. We will study three ciphers this time: the reverse cipher, Polybius cipher, and Casear cipher. You will find a template for making a Caesar cipher disk at the link below.
An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging letters of another word or phrase. Most often, all the original letters are used once. For example, the words "silent" and "listen" form an anagram. This time, we will have anagrams for a warm-up and then study two ciphers: pigpen cipher and rail fence cipher.
We will finish the study of the rail fence cipher and take a quiz on ciphers. Remember, we do not quiz students, we quiz teachers. If you get a low grade, it means we didn't do a good job. Please study for the quiz - don't let us down!
We will take the first look at one of the most important concepts in mathematics, that of a function.

Students will learn the y = f(x) notation.


We will continue studying functions.


We will review functions. Then students will take quiz 2.


First, students will learn basic facts about polygons. Then they will proceed to build some solids out of cubes and to draw their 2D projections.


In this class, students will draw 2D projections of more complicated solids.


Students will solve problems from the 2014 Canadian Math Kangaroo test.


First, we will go through a few problems from the 9th packet. Then students will take a quiz on polygons and solids. Then we will finish discussing the packet.


We will solve logic problems from the Knights and Liars packet. (Oleg Gleizer)


Students will learn the notion of a statement, simple and composite, and how the truth function takes value on statements.


We will continue studying the Mathematical Logic mini-course.


We will fist check some problems from the packet 12 homework. Then we will begin studying logic gates.


We will finish studying logic gates and will study double negation.


We will prepare for the upcoming Math Kangaroo competition.