UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle

ORMC Meetings • 2022-2023 Academic Year

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Students will study the Polybius and Caesar cyphers.


Students will warm up solving an anagram. Then they will study the pigpen and rail fence ciphers.


Students will take one last look at ciphers, solve fun problems of other types, and take a quiz on ciphers.

Handouts: Lesson 10

Students will continue their study of logic.


Students will continue studying math logic.


Students will finish the Intro to Math Logic mini-course and take a quiz. If time permits, they will start a new topic, Lineland.


Students will continue studying various shapes intersecting lines and planes.


Students may possibly start the next topic, Traveling on a Cube, if time permits.


We will cover Chapter 15 -- exploring how objects in a higher number of dimensions look when projected into a smaller number.


We will continue with our study of the mathematics of projection. This week we will study Flatland -- a 2D world, in which 3D shapes appear in projected form.


We will do a recap of lineland and flatland, including a short quiz. Then we will start the next topic, which is inverse operations.