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ORMC Meetings • 2021-2022 Academic Year

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Welcome to Summer ORMC! This Sunday, we will start by exploring various exciting ciphers!

Handouts: Ceasar Disk

This week, we'll continue with our exploration of ciphers by reviewing the reverse, Caesar, and Polybius Ciphers. We'll also learn about the Pigpen and Rail Fence Cipher.


We'll work through the student-generated codes and learn about the Pigpen and Rail Fence Cipher.


This week, we'll finish lesson 2 by practicing with the Rail Fence Ciphers. Afterward, we'll begin Lesson 3 by doing a recap of everything we've learned so far.


This Sunday, we'll review the problems from the quiz, finish up Lesson 3, and, if we have extra time, jump over to Lesson 10 to explore the puzzling island of Knights and Liars.