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ORMC Meetings • 2020-2021 Academic Year

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We will go over a simple version of "I cut, you choose" and some brain teasers!


We will be developing logic skills by looking at problems with different colored hats. The goal of this handout is to learn how to make an assumption, test the assumption, and readjust the original assumption if necessary.


We will continue with our exploration of logic puzzles involving hats and if we have additional time, work through some math kangaroo problems.


This week, we will finish up the wizards and hats packet by completing the challenge problem. We will then work through some Halloween math problems.


This week, we finish up the Halloween Math packet and begin our exploration of Venn Diagrams.


This week, we will be continuing our exploration of Venn Diagrams and we if have additional time, work through some Math Kangaroo problems.


This week, we'll finish up Venn Diagrams by going over any of the challenge problems the students may have had difficulty with. Afterward, we'll begin our exploration of a new topic: Egyptian Multiplication. We'll also explore its relationship with binary numbers.


Happy Thanksgiving! There is no class today, but we do have Math Kangaroo problems to work on!

Handouts: Math Kangaroo

This week, we'll continue with our exploration of Egyptian Multiplication and Binary Numbers. If we have additional time, we'll go through the Math Kangaroo problems.


This week, we'll be playing a review game consisting of the topics we've explored this far.


Welcome Back! This week, we'll begin our exploration of a new topic: Exponential Functions.


This week, we'll take a deeper look into what happens when we multiply negative numbers and use what we learn to further our exploration of exponential functions.


This week, we'll continue with our exploration of exponential functions by picking up where we left off in the packet.