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ORMC Meetings • 2022-2023 Academic Year

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Students will study a beautiful and highly applicable part of graph theory.

Handouts: Network flows

This week, we'll learn about a few error-correcting coding schemes.

If time permits, we'll try to use them to solve a hat puzzle.

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Handouts: Handout

A DFA is defined as an abstract mathematical concept, but is often implemented in hardware and software for solving various specific problems, such as lexical analysis and pattern matching. For example, a DFA can model software that decides whether or not online user input such as email addresses is syntactically valid.
We will practice coming up with DFAs for different word problems and study their properties.

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We will study the languages, recognized by DFAs. These languages are simple in some ways and are called "regular".


The lecture outlines an approach to elementary geometry different from the standard compass-and-ruler constructions. If one uses origami instead, the resulting algebraic structure (Galois group) is more rich. In particular, some problems not solvable by means of compass-and-ruler constructions, like trisecting an angle, become solvable. The room for the lecture is MS 4000A.

Handouts: lecture notes
Handouts: Handout
Handouts: Handout

To celebrate the end of the quarter, we do our usual game!