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ORMC Meetings • 2021-2022 Academic Year

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We will solve some cool math puzzles to warm up for the year.


We will study the consequences of basic similar triangles properties

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Understanding planetary habitability is key to understanding how and why life developed on Earth as well as whether life is present on planets that orbit different stars (exoplanets). Whether a planet could be habitable is determined primarily by the planet's climate. This lecture will address insights we've gained from studying Earth's climate and how those have been used to make predictions about which exoplanets might be habitable, and how astronomical observations indicate the possibility of new climatic regimes not found on modern Earth. Finally, the lecture will cover some questions about the future of humanity and the Fermi paradox.

Dorian Abbot is an Associate Professor of Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago. In his research he uses mathematical and computational models to understand and explain fundamental problems in Earth and Planetary Sciences. Professor Abbot has also worked on problems related to climate, paleoclimate, the cryosphere, planetary habitability, and exoplanets. Recently he's been focusing on terrestrial exoplanets and habitability. He has an undergraduate degree in physics and a PhD in applied math, both from Harvard University.


We continue our study of similar triangles.

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We have fun competition/game week for Halloween!

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An introduction on Frieze patterns

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An introduction to Topology using set theory as our base.

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We will study the concept of mathematical induction as well as the Peano Axiom.

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We will be playing our end of quarter game.

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Induction and the Peano axiom.

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We'll be considering a souped up version of mathematial induction.

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