UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle

UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle Registration

If you have applied before

Families attending ORMC as well as families that have applied for participation in the past: please proceed to MyCircle to apply for registration for the current quarter.

If your child was in good standing attending ORMC in the previous quarter a spot has been reserved for her or him. Please consult Current Quarter Information for information on selecting the appropriate group. Your registration will in most cases be shortly confirmed.

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If you have NOT applied before

If you have NOT previosly signed up at the ORMC website, please apply for a spot by following a simple 3-step procedure:
  1. Select a login name (you can use your preferred e-mail address) and a password. When prompted, log in with this login and password. Only one login name is required for the entire family.
  2. Enter parent information, and add information for each child in your family that wishes to attend.
  3. For each child, complete a registration form to apply to a specific ORMC group for the coming quarter.

If you are new to ORMC, you will most likely be placed on a waitlist, depending on the enrollment situation. If you were on a waitlist before, please mention this as part of your registration application. Also, please provide as much information as you feel necessary as to why you wish to attend. All groups for students in grades 6 and below are currently near capacity, so immediate enrollement is unlikely. To increase your chances of enrollment, please describe in your application your child's interest, achievement and potential, giving specific evidence.

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Support the Math Circle

At the completion of your application, you will have the opportunity to make a pledge of donation to ORMC. We suggest a donation of $300 per child per quarter; dontations at this level help ORMC sustain its quality program. Of course, a donation in any amount is welcome at any time. Parent donations are essential to ORMC and account for over half of its budget. Please note that donations are not a factor in enrollment and are not required for attendance. A donation to the Circle does not entitle your child to enrollment.