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ORMC Meetings • 2020-2021 Academic Year

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For our first lesson, we will introduce pooled testing in the context of coronavirus.

Handouts: Key | Handout

We will be introduced to modular math. We completed pages 1-6 of the handout.

Handouts: Handout

We will be continuing the second half of the handout on modular math. We will also learn modular math applications, such as checksums.

Handouts: Handout | Homework

We will finish up our review on modular math, learning how to subtract and divide in modular math as well as learning how to prove divisibility rules with modular math.


We will be exploring an ancient Egyptian technique of splitting fractions into their unit parts. We completed pages 1-16.

Handouts: Handout | Key

We will continue our exploration of Egyptian fractions (pages 17-24). Homework is pages 25-26.

Handouts: Handout: part 1

To conclude our exploration of Egyptian Fraction Representation, we will complete the Egyptian Fractions part 1 handout and begin Egyptian Fractions part 2. Pages 6-8 EFR part 2 are assigned as homework.


We will look a method to prove mathematical hypotheses: proof by induction.


We will continue to explore proof by induction and introduce proof by contradiction. *Last class of fall quarter, Happy Holidays!


Suppose we break a stick into three pieces randomly. What are the chances the resulting pieces will form a triangle?

Handouts: Handout

We will continue and complete our packet on breaking sticks. In which scenario are we most likely able to form a triangle from our broken sticks?