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ORMC Meetings • 2022-2023 Academic Year

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Students will work on a Math Kangaroo test for grades 3-4.


Last class, we started solving the 2013 Math Kangaroo packet for grades 3 and 4. Next class, we will spend the earlier half of the class discussing several hard problems from the packet and use our remaining time to work on a new packet.


Last class (10/2), we worked on a new Math Kangaroo packet. Next class, we will start by discussing the more challenging problems from the previous class and use our remaining time to work on a new packet.


In our last class, we discussed some tricky questions from the second MK packet. Then, we spent the remainder of our time discussing the first two problems on a new MK packet. Next class, instead of completing the packet in its entirety, we will be discussing individual questions after allotting time for the students to discuss with their group mates.


Last class, we continued with Math Kangaroo training. We will no longer be doing Math Kangaroo training for our upcoming class and will instead be starting our workbook. Please do not forget to purchase and bring the "From Optical Illusions to Fight Dragons" workbook.


Last class, we started the "From Optical Illusions to Fighting Dragons" workbook and completed chapter 1. Next class, we anticipate to complete chapter 2 by the end of our session.


Last class, we finished the second chapter of the workbook. We anticipate covering the third chapter by the end of this coming session. Please do not forget to bring your workbooks!


Last two weeks, we finished the third chapter of the workbook and administered a small quiz for the students. Next class, we anticipate to cover all of the fourth chapter by the end of our session.


"From Optical Illusions to Fighting Dragons," Continued.


Students will continue studying Roman numerals, including "move a stick" problems.


Last class, we got through almost all of chapter 6 of the workbook. Next class, we will wrap up chapter 6 and start chapter 7.


Last class, we were able to start chapter 7 of the workbook towards the end of class. Next class, we will take a short break from the workbook and work on some Math Kangaroo problems.


Last class, we took a break from the workbook and worked on some Math Kangaroo problems. Next class, we will resume studying the workbook chapters (chapter 8).


Last class, we reviewed chapter 8 and finished quiz 2. Next class, we will be starting chapter 9 of the workbook.