UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle

ORMC Meetings • 2022-2023 Academic Year

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Students will try to solve the Instant Insanity puzzle as an introduction to graph theory.

Handouts: handout_1

We will study various properties of graphs ending with Eulerian cycles and the famous Seven Bridges of Konigsberg problem.

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Students will continue the study of graph theory.

Handouts: handout 3

Students will continue their study of graph theory.

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Students will take a break from graph theory and solve fun logic puzzles.

Handouts: handout_5

Students will complete the previously studied handouts on Euler characteristic and logic puzzles.

Handouts: handout 6

Students will apply their knowledge of graph theory, trees in particular, to solving a bunch of fun word problems.

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Students will study a part of graph theory that shows how order emerges out of chaos.

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We begin this quarter by briefly studying modular arithmetic. This will serve as a warmup for the type of coding challenges we plan to tackle in Python.

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We will continue working on the modular arithmetic handout from the previous week.