UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle

10/17/2021 -- Beginners 2A: Fall - Angles (Continued)

Class Plan:

We continue our study of geometry through the lens of compass-ruler constructions. First, any questions on last week's homework will be addressed. Next, we will continue working through the packet "Introduction to Geometry - Lesson 2". We will continue practicing how to construct triangles and learn how to prove the congruence of triangles.

Required Resources:

A pencil, eraser, compass, and a straight edge (such as a ruler or the side of a protractor).

Homework Due:

Students are asked to have completed up to page 18 of the "Introduction to Geometry - Lesson 2" handout before this class. Any questions on the homework will be addressed during this class.

Homework Assigned:

Complete up to page 7 of the "Introduction to Geometry - Lesson 3" handout at home before the next lesson, Sunday, October 24. This will be a challenging assignment as it consists mostly of proofs, so no worries if the students are not able to answer every question. The majority of the next lesson will be spent reviewing this homework and solidifying the proof concepts.

Halloween Survey:

Lesson 5 for Beginners 2A will be held on Sunday, October 31 which is the day of Halloween. The class is currently planned to be held from 4 pm - 6 pm. However, we understand some parents may want the class to finish earlier that day. Please navigate to this google form https://forms.gle/14kKUwS9HQqyzxci8 to state your preference regarding shifting the class an hour earlier. You may have to copy and paste the link into your browser to open it. The link to the survey may also be found in the email sent to Beginners 2A students on Tuesday, October 13th. If you have already filled out this survey, please do not fill it out again.