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Steering Committee

Olga Radko was the Founding Director of the LAMC (now called the UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle in her honor). Olga received her Ph.D. in mathematics from UC Berkeley in 2002 specializing in Poisson Geometry, and worked in the UCLA department of Mathematics ever since. Olga started LAMC in 2007 and led it until her death in 2020.  Please see the In Memoriam page for more information about Olga.

ORMC is now governed by the Steering Committee.  Please see our Leadership Page for more information about its membership. 

Management Team

Oleg Gleizer is the Chief Curriculum Developer at LAMC. He works for the Circle since 2011. Oleg received his Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2001 from Northeastern University of Boston specializing in representation theory and special functions. Oleg sees his mission in inventing ways to present some important parts of modern day Mathematics (and occasionally Physics and Economics), typically reserved for college, to the children from age four and up.
Dan Hoff is the Curriculum and Instructional Supervisor for the math circle advanced groups. He received his PhD in Mathematics from UC San Diego in 2016 and now researches and teaches as a postdoc in the UCLA Department of Mathematics, where his primary research is in functional analysis, with a focus on operator algebras and their connections to fields such as ergodic theory and measured group theory. He has been working with the math circle since 2017, when he first had the opportunity to be amazed by its students and program.
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Dima Shlyakhtenko received his PhD in mathematics from UC Berkeley and has been a member of the UCLA mathematics department since 1998.  His primary research area is in functional analysis.  He was an invited speaker at the 2010 ICM and received multiple awards, including an NSF graduate and postdoctoral fellowship, a Sloan Fellowship and a Clay Math Institute Special Prize.  He currently serves as the director of UCLA's Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics.

Circle Docents

Claribel Alcantar is a parent volunteer providing logistical support in the BNP Bridge program. She was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. She graduated from California State University Northridge, with a B.A. in Sociology and Criminology. Subsequently, Claribel completed a Masters Degree from California State University, Long Beach in Public Policy and Administration. She currently holds a position as a Human Resource Specialist with LAUSD. On her spare time, she enjoys physical fitness and rekindling her love for the “digits” zero through nine with her sons Miguel and Matthew.
Aaron Anderson is a second-year grad student in Mathematics at UCLA, with a BS from Caltech. His research so far relates to logic and combinatorics. He’s excited to teach at the Math Circle, having attended it in middle and high school.
Aaron Anderson
Meijke Balay-Mickelson is a third year math major. His research interests are geometric analysis and mathematical physics. He is also a teaching assistant for AoPS.
CIPRIAN BONCIOCAT is a second year undergraduate at UCLA, majoring in Mathematics. He is one of the two recipients of the MUMS scholarship offered in 2018 by the Mathematics Department. From a very young age he was attracted to Mathematics and puzzles, and has participated in numerous mathematical competitions during his middle and high school years, including the International Mathematical Olympiad. He has been teaching the Olympiad Group of Math Circle for one year now, together with his colleague Alex, and he is interested in pursuing a PhD and doing research in the future.
Grant Carroll is a second year mathematics of computation major. He has tutored in math for the last 3 years and always looks forward to that moment when a confusing concept becomes clear. He enjoys running and hiking.
Preston Carroll is a senior Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics student. He recently finished his minor in Mathematics with a focus on application in topics such as cryptology and game theory as well as mathematical modeling of biological systems.
Swee Hong Chan received his Phd in Mathematics from Cornell University in 2019. He is currently a postdoc in UCLA Department of Mathematics, where his primary research area is combinatorics and probability. In his free time, he likes to ride his bicycle and wander around randomly to see if he can eventually make his way home.
Zhenyi Chen is a fourth-year undergrad at UCLA studying Mathematics. His interests lie mostly in geometry and topology, and he also dabbles in physics. He loves sharing knowledge with and learning from people around him. In his free time, he watches lots of movies and tv shows. He also likes running, hiking, and cycling.
Katarina Cheng is a high school senior who attended LAMC for 7 years. Having found her love for math at Math Circle, she is excited to pass that love to others and continue her involvement through teaching! Outside of school, she likes to dance, code, and read.
Aaron Cohen is a parent volunteer in Advanced 1B.
Asher Cohen has been a part of the Math Circle since 2012, first as a student, then a TA, and now a lead instructor. He loves finding new, innovative ways to teach competition math to middle-schoolers throughout the summer.
Kyle Coughlin is a fourth year pure mathematics student at UCLA who hopes to pursue a PhD in mathematics (even though his career goal has nothing to do with math). He has been tutoring math for over 3 years and is always excited to share and teach math. He looks forward to working with you!
Colin Curtis is a freshman here at UCLA studying mathematics. He is originally from Chicago and has been a participant in Math Circle since his first year of high school. He found that Math Circle has been a very transformative experience in developing his passion for mathematics. When not studying mathematics, he enjoys reading philosophy books and he has a strong interest in the philosophy of mathematics. He is also on the UCLA Sailing Team and has been sailing on Lake Michigan for as long as he can remember. LAMC will be his first true teaching job, but he also tutored students through National Honor Society at his high school. He looks forward to being an instructor and hopes to make everybody’s experience as enjoyable as his!
Vivian Dinson Vivian Moy-Dinson is a K-5 teacher for the past 17 years. She received her Masters with honors in Education from Azusa Pacific University and her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from Cal Poly Pomona University. Vivian joined the Math Circle in 2017.
Joshua Enwright
Zenith Farin is the Front Office Coordinator at the UCLA Department of Mathematics and assists with the administrative duties of the Math Circle. If you have any questions or concerns regarding donations, please contact Zenith at zenith@math.ucla.edu.
Kristen Fukunaga Kristen Fukunaga is a third year undergraduate mathematics major and theater minor. In the past, she has been a learning assistant for lower division linear algebra and calculus courses at UCLA and has also coached elementary school science Olympiad teams. She enjoys drawing/painting, hanging out with friends, and listening to reggae music.
Sam Gawboy Hunter Gawboy is an enthusiastic Math and Physics graduate from UCLA. He has always had interest in finding how the areas of his studies interact with and provide greater understanding of each other. In terms of tutoring and teaching, his goal is to have his students not only understand and be able to use what is taught, but to also have an opinion and overall enthusiasm about the topic.
Matthew Gherman is a graduate student in the UCLA Department of Mathematics. He has worked as an assistant and now a lead instructor in the Math Circle for a few years. He enjoys running and rooting for DC sports and, his alma mater, Duke.
Nikita Gladkov is a graduate math student at UCLA. As a student, he has participated in miscellaneous olympiads up to the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). He then was in the Jury of Olympiads for the all-Russian math olympiad. He is from Syberia, so he really enjoys the weather in LA.
Oleg Gleizer Oleg Gleizer is a pedagogical innovator. His daily job is creating the 21st century math curriculum. Dr. Gleizer takes the best from the great text-books and teachers of the past, mostly Russian and American, and adds the math typically taught in college, adjusting it to the cognitive level of his students, from kindergarten to 12th grade. Dr. Gleizer has graduated with honors from the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics at Moscow State University, got his Ph.D. in math at Northeastern University, and was a Post. Doc. and assistant professor at UCLA Department of Mathematics. Dr. Gleizer works as Chief Curriculum Developer and Lead Instructor at Los Angeles Math Circle for the past seven years.
Mya Greene is a graduate of USC from the Music and Linguistics programs. Mya has been a docent at LAMC for the past six years and is currently a part-time freelancer.
Paul Hawkins is a second year Aerospace Engineering major also interested in statistics. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, running, and spending time with friends.
Daniel Hoff is the Curriculum and Instructional Supervisor for the math circle advanced groups. He received his PhD in Mathematics from UC San Diego in 2016 and now researches and teaches as a postdoc in the UCLA Department of Mathematics, where his primary research is in functional analysis, with a focus on operator algebras and their connections to fields such as ergodic theory and measured group theory. He has been working with the math circle since 2017, when he first had the opportunity to be amazed by its students and program.
Gavin Hu is a 3rd year Applied Mathematics and Statistics student with a Specialization in Computing and History Minor. This is his second year teaching at Math Circle. A fun fact about him is that he used to be in the Game Music Ensemble at UCLA, where they played various songs from video games and it was super fun!
Samanda (Yuting) Hu is a fourth-year student at UCLA studying mathematics. She is primarily interested in algebraic number theory and representation theory. She loves telling people more about the beauty and fascinations she finds in mathematics. In her free time, she loves listening to and playing music on piano and hiking.
Clark Huang is a 4th year undergraduate at UCLA, majoring in pure mathematics. He plans to achieve a Math PhD and his current interested field is in analysis. This is his third year working with High School Group 2B.
Samuel Hunter is a third-year undergraduate at UCLA majoring Applied Mathematics and minoring in Statistics. He previously tutored math to middle and high school students and hopes to continue sharing his enthusiasm for the subject. This is his second year as a teaching assistant in the Math Circle.
Scott James My name is Scott James. I am a third year transfer student with a major in pure mathematics. While still feeling around, I believe that I am drawn towards analysis more so than any other branch of math. Outside of academia, I enjoy playing video games with friends and practicing martial arts. My future plans include going to graduate school for math and getting a Ph.D.
Dylan Jamner is a third year pure mathematics major here at UCLA. He has taken most of the undergraduate requirements, and just started attending some graduate classes as well. Math astounds him with its beauty, and he loves to pass on that excitement to future mathematicians. In addition to taking math classes, he also sings in the advanced choir!
Morgan Joeck Morgan Joeck is excited to be part of the Math Circle again. He teaches algebra and geometry for LAUSD at Bishop Conaty ? Our Lady of Loretto. He went to UCLA for his Bachelor?s degree in psychology and Master?s degree in education. Morgan is a member of the California Mathematics Council and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and attends their local and national conferences annually.
Ashin Jose is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Financial Actuarial Mathematics. Currently, he is an Assistant Instructor and Scribe for Beginners 2A as well as Beginners 2B. He has been a part of the LAMC since his freshman year of college and enjoys working with the students as they embark on a journey through the field of mathematics.
Rajiv Kaipa
Harris Khan is a third year math PhD student at UCLA. He is an experienced teacher that has been tutoring and teaching math related classes for many years. He loves teaching math and wants to make sure his students learn the material well. The motivated students of LAMC always impress him with their potential, and he would love to see them continue to exceed expectations.
Nadya Kuzkina Nadya Kuzkina
Aiden Lee
James Leng
Claire Li is a 4th year undergraduate studying Applied Mathematics and Cognitive Science. She has been with the Los Angeles Math Circle since 2018, and is excited to be able to continue sharing math with students! Outside of teaching, she enjoys playing the viola, running, and traveling. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in finance.
Kevin Li is a first year Applied Mathematics major with an intention of double majoring in computer science. He informally taught advanced single variable calculus classes with teachers in his high school alongside taking computation and competition preparation courses at WCSU. He loves music (esp. piano), tennis, and playing games.
Zhengjun (Jasper) Liang is a third year math undergraduate here. His primary interest in math is tentatively analysis, but he is also willing to explore other branches of mathematics as well. Math Circle is one of his most important extracurriculars, and he really enjoys his experience so far. In his leisure time, he enjoys photography, traveling, and cooking.
Doug Lichtman is a professor of law at UCLA. He is co-teaching Beginners 2.
Hunter Liu is a second-year Applied Math and Neuroscience double major. He is an absolute nerd when it comes to math, so he loves sharing all the cool ideas and concepts he learns about! Aside from math, you can catch him writing, making music, or coding projects in the wild.
Adam Lott is a PhD student in math at UCLA studying dynamical systems and probability.  Previously, he was born and raised on the east coast and went to college in Rochester, New York.  He has been teaching at LAMC since 2017.  Outside of math, he is a huge baseball fan (go Nationals!).
Anton Lykov is a fourth year UCLA Mathematics and Computer Science student. He has been teaching school students for over 5 years, and enjoys it. Besides teaching, he likes playing soccer.
Matthew Mallory is a third-year studying Pure Mathematics and Statistics, and is looking to pursue a PhD which utilizes both fields, crossing disciplines such as Analysis and Topology with Probability Theory and Bayesian Statistics. In his free time he loves to cook dishes from around the world and play the piano. He is very excited to meet everyone this year and learn more beautiful mathematics!
Samir Mallya is a first-year Mechanical Engineering and pre-medicine major at UCLA. He was a student at the Math Circle for 8 years and has been teaching at the circle for 4 years, notably founding the satellite group at Farragut Elementary School. Outside Math Circle, he also tutors students in competition mathematics and standardized test preparation, and is an internationally competitive figure skater.
Jiayun Meng is a second-year student majoring in mathematics at UCLA. Her favorite color is blue, and she likes cats and winter.
Alexandru Pascadi is a third-year undergraduate Math major at UCLA, recipient of the Math Undergrad Merit Scholarship and the Spirit of Ramanujan STEM Scholarship. He is planning to take his PhD and go into mathematical research, but he also likes problem-solving and Math competitions. He has been teaching the younger Olympiad Group at the Math Circle for one year, and before that he used to teach a similar class in High School. He enjoys basketball, swimming, and playing the piano.
Aditee Prabhutendolkar Aditee Prabhutendolkar is a freshman at Caltech with a major in Computational and Neural Systems and a minor in CS. She attended LAMC throughout middle school and high school and created a branch of the math circle in the Arcadia school district. She is excited to be the co-lead instructor of the AMC preparation class.
Hengyuan Qi is a first year at UCLA. His current major is pre-applied mathematics. Beside math, he is also interested in philosophy and gender studies. He loves basketball and often watches anime in his free time.
Lydia Qin is a high school junior. She has participated in Math Circle for over eight years. She loves teaching math, especially to young, enthusiastic kids. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and playing ultimate frisbee.
Steven Qu is a fourth year math of computation major. This is his second year in the Math Circle. He is excited to meet everyone and he hopes you will enjoy this program.
Nitya Ravi is a second year Applied Mathematics and Astrophysics student at UCLA. She is interested in computational astrophysics and the application of algorithms to the imaging of astronomical objects. 
Eilon Reisin-Tzur is a third year graduate student in Mathematics at UCLA, with a BS from UC San Diego. His mathematical research interests lie in topology and geometry. When he’s not learning or teaching, he loves to play tennis and watch basketball. 
Zhin Pyoung Rhee is currently a sophomore at UCLA. His current major is Mathematics for Teaching with a possible minor in religious studies. He has previously tutored and volunteered to teach all types of mathematics ranging from basic algebra to SAT math to AP Calculus BC. He has also volunteered as an assistant teacher at the Korean School of New Jersey teaching Korean for children ranging from preschool to middle school. He has also minorly helped and taught people high school level physics and chemistry. He enjoys playing chess in his free time and listening to all varieties of music although his favorite is jazz and lofi. He also plays video games, such as League of Legends and Tetris. He loves theater and acting and is looking to get back into it soon, and last but not least, he has a full juggling repertoire to entertain people with (I do need proper equipment to properly put on a show).
Marcus Roper is a professor in the UCLA Department of Mathematics. In research, he is interested in connections between math and sciences and engineering. He is excited to be teaching one of the Beginners groups in the 2020-21 Math Circle.
Christina-Marie Santillan is the Communications Manager of the UCLA Department of Mathematics. She also assists with LAMC program administration. Feel free to contact her at santillanc@math.ucla.edu if you have any questions or concerns regarding donations.
Sucharit Sarkar is a professor in the UCLA Department of Mathematics. His reasearch interest is topology.
Robert Shen Bobby Shen graduated from MIT in 2017. He works at a startup in the West Los Angeles area working on audio / video signal processing. He othought it would be fun to suddenly join the UCLA Math Circle in free time but it was very strange timing.
Joy Shi Joy Shi is a first-year student at Caltech hoping to major in Applied and Computational Math. Born and raised in Rockville, Maryland, she is beyond excited to start living in sunny LA this fall! She is a two-time AIME qualifier, scored in the top half at Math Prize for Girls at MIT, and currently leads inteGIRLS. Aside from math, she LOVES participating in puzzle hunts with friends, attempting the NYT daily crossword, and crocheting stuffed animals, and has been a competitive swimmer for eleven years.
Dimitri Shlyakhtenko
Robert Shlyakhtenko
Glenn Sun is a first-year undergraduate math major at UCLA. He was a TA for the Program for Algorithmic and Combinatorial Thinking, and has also worked with students to prepare for math competitions such as the AMC. His interests are in geometry, algorithms, and Pokémon Go, and he is excited to start working with you!
Chynna Swift is a fourth year pre-med student majoring in microbiology, immunology, and molecular genetics (MIMG) and minoring in Spanish. She has a passion for math and she is honored to be able to carry on Olga Radko‘s legacy by showing young students the beauty of math as well. This will be her 4th year in the Math Circle and she is excited to be the lead instructor of Intermediate 1B this year. She loves that she has been able to see her students grow as mathematicians and kind humans over the years! Outside of Math Circle, she is involved in virology research, she is a part in UCLA’s Afrikan Student Union as president of Curls U, and she loves going to concerts, Disneyland, and the beach.
Cassandra Tai is a third-year undergrad studying Financial Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. Unfortunately she didn’t have LAMC, but she participated in her middle school’s MathCounts team and also coached the team during her four years in high school. Fun fact: she is a twin! And she also goes to UCLA! :) So if you ever see someone who looks like her, it might not be her!
Yan Tao is a third-year undergrad pure mathematics major here at UCLA, and this is his third year teaching at the LAMC. In the future he plans to go to graduate school to study differential geometry or another closely related mathematical area. Before coming to UCLA, he taught some classes of a similar nature for the San Diego Math Circle in high school. He also has plenty of competition math experience from elementary school, middle school, high school, and here at UCLA, where he scored in the top 500 on last year’s Putnam. He is also a peer mentor for the UCLA Regents Scholar Society.
Adam Toubian is a second-year bioengineering student at UCLA. He tutored kids K-12 in subjects from government to calculus throughout high school. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, playing guitar, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. 
Venkata Varchasvi Vedula is a student of Statistics and Mathematics at UCLA. He joined LAMC in early 2019 and he has loved teaching here ever since. His career interests are in machine learning engineering, mathematical modeling, and data science. Outside of school, he enjoys singing, theater, running, hiking, and cooking!
Sian Wen is currently a second-year math major at UCLA. It is also her second year working as an assistant for LAMC. She has been helping her peers with math and physics since eighth grade, and ever since then, sharing her knowledge, especially about science and math, has remained one of her top interests. Outside school, she is a loyal esports audience and a big fan of popular music. 
Michael Wong Michael is a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering, who has participated in Mathematics competitions in the past. He also has teaching experience with pre-schoolers, middle-school students, high-school students and college students. In his spare time, Michael enjoys playing taiko, bouldering and pretty much any activity outside Electrical Engineering.
Lenny Wu is a second year undergraduate student pursuing majors in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at UCLA. In her free time, she makes recipes and shoots photos for her food blog, Vegamelon. She also enjoys running, weightlifting, reading, and playing the piano. Lenny has tutored students in math and other STEM subjects since high school, and she is always thrilled to help others learn.
Keqin Yan is a second-year Physics student with a Philosophy minor. She enjoys reading, watching Japanese Anime and Korean TV shows, staying with animals, and working in the lab. After graduation, she plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Physics.
Richard Yim is a 3rd year undergraduate studying applied mathematics and statistics with a specialization in computing; he is really into probability theory and statistics. 2019-2020 will be his second year with LAMC. When he is not studying and learning math and statistics you can find him at the keyboard jamming, or in the gym power-lifting.
Annie Zhang
Jacob Zhang is a third year double majoring in math and computer science. He is a recipient of the UCLA Math Undergraduate Merit Scholarship (MUMS) and the UCLA Basil Gordon Prize for Putnam 2019. In high school he was co-president of the Canyon Crest Academy Math Team, directed a math summer program for advanced middle schoolers, and lectured at the San Diego Math Circle. In his free time he enjoys running, rock climbing, reading, traveling, and learning Chinese.
Shangjie Zhang is a third year undergraduate majoring in mathematics. This is his third year in Math Circle as a teaching assistant as well. Previously he has also been a counselor at a high school summer math program twice. His primary field of interest is algebra and topology. He hopes you guys enjoy the Math Circle.
Xinyi Zhang is a Math major student at UCLA. She used to do volunteer teaching at a primary school with the children of migrant workers and really enjoyed the time there. Her favorite prime is 1+i.
Xuxin Zhang is a second-year student at UCLA. He is currently majoring in Mathematics of Computation, but I plan to switch to Applied Math and double major in Statistics. He has been teaching his peers since middle school and gained much experience in teaching. One of his fun facts is that he has moved 14 times in my life. Last but not least, he is always willing to answer any of your questions.
Shend Zhjeqi is a second year undergraduate student. He is from Kosovo, a country in Southeastern Europe. During high school, he participated in a couple math Olympiads, particularly in the IMO where he got a Bronze Medal. His non-math hobbies include playing soccer and running.
ethan zhou is a transfer student from a community college in Pasadena. He used to be a CS major but switched to pure math last year. He enjoys taking algebra classes at UCLA. In the past, he was a tutor in an Astronomy class at his community college. In his free time, he likes to play soccer and watch soccer games.
Konstantin Zuev is an assistant teaching professor of computing and mathematical sciences at Caltech. He is co-teaching BNP Bridge program.

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