UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle

ORMC Projects

Satellite Circles (2021-22 school year)

  • In 2021, an ORMC Intermediate 2 student, named Lawrence Pang, along with his classmates, Vedant Kharul, Rihan Patel, Benjamin Tang, and Andy Troung, started an ORMC Satellite Program for students in grades 2-3 at Wittmann Elementary School with the support of ORMC and of the school principal. Lawrence et. al. wanted to help the community and to provide a free math education to all the interested elementary school students. The team taught various subjects, including binary numbers, logic gates, Hotel Infinity, and ciphers, over the course of 18 weeks. During the program, the team spent much time adjusting the difficulty of the packets to meet the students' levels. The team hopes the students can use what they have learnt to improve their logic and critical thinking skills. 
  • An 11-year-old ORMC student, called Leo, started his own Math Circle for elementary school students in the Upland Unified School District with the support of ORMC, the district superintendent, and junior high principal. Following a lecture-style format taken from his six years of ORMC experience, Leo uses a curriculum that was created by UCLA professors, Dr. Gleizer and the late Dr. Radko. Once a week, Leo teaches lessons ranging from topology, combinatorics, logic, algebra, geometry, number theory, to numerous other topics that generally