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Welcome to the ULCA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle (ORMC)!

Fall Session 2020 Information

  • Fall session meetings will be conducted via ZOOM.  The first Fall meeting will take place on Sunday, October 11th.
  • ORMC students enrolled in Spring 2020 in good standing:
    • Please apply for Fall 2020 admission now.  You will be enrolled automatically if applying to the correct group.
    • All students are moving up one group level. 
      • Example: students enrolled in Intermediate 1 in Spring 2020 should enroll in Intermediate 2 for the Fall.  Please consult the list of Fall 2020 ORMC groups for more information.
    • If you were enrolled in the Spring, were in good standing and are not automatically enrolled, please check that you are applying for the correct group (see above).
  • New Students (including students from Summer 2020 program):
    • Applications for Fall 2020 are open until 9/11/20.  Please follow all the steps outlined here. Please be sure to answer all questions as accurately and completely as possible. Please be ready to send us a copy of CAASPP, i-ready, CTY, Math Kangaroo, AMC8 scores upon request.
    • A list of groups and grade levels is available below.
    • Regrettably, due to complexities of testing and teaching very young children over Zoom, we will not be able to offer a BNP group this Fall.  We anticipate having a BNP group in Fall 2021.
  • Here are the tentative times classes will meet on Sundays:
Fall 2020 Grade level or Spring 2020 ORMC groupGroupTime(s)

Grades 2-3 or BNP

(BNP bridge: enroll in 1c)

Beginners 1

1a: 10-11am

1b: 11:15-12:15

1c: 10-11 am

Grades 3-4 or Beginners 1Beginners 2

2a: 3:45-4:45pm

2b: 5-6pm

Grades 5-6 or Beginners 2Intermediate 1

1a: 4-5pm

1b: 5:15pm-6:15pm

Grades 7-8 or Intermediate 1Intermediate 2

1a: 4-6pm

1b: 4-6pm

Grades 9-10 or Intermediate 2Advanced 1

1a: noon-2pm (tentative)

1b: 4-6pm

Grades 11-12 or Advanced 1 Advanced 2

2a: 9-11am (tentative)

2b: 4-6pm

Advanced 2Advanced 34-6pm

Summer Session 2020 information

  • Summer session will be conducted via ZOOM meetings.
  • Applications were open in the period from May 9th through May 22rd. 
  • Applications are now closed as we reached  our testing capacity.
  • Tentative dates for the Summer 2020 session are June 28th -- August 7th. There will be no meeting on July 5th due to Independence Day weekend. Different groups might have slightly different dates, depending on instructors availability. All meetings take place on Sunday afternoons.
  • Here are the times when the classes meet on Sundays:
grade levels (in Fall 2020)GroupTime
2Beginners 1

Beginners 1a:    3:45-4:45pm

Beginners 1b:    5-6pm

3-4Beginners 2

Beginners 2a:    3:45-4:45pm

Beginners 2b:    5-6pm

5-6Intermediate 14-6pm
7-8Intermediate 2

Intermediate  2a:    4-6pm

Intermediate 2b:    4-6pm

  • To apply for the summer session, please follow all the steps outline here. Please be sure to answer all questions as accurately and completely as possible. Please be ready  to send us a copy of CAASPP, i-ready, CTY, Math Kangaroo, AMC8 scores upon request. We are not yet accepting applications for the Fall. At this point, you can only apply for the Summer session.
  • Details about further  Admission Tests  will  be send to you  by email  in the  next few weeks.  Please do not email math circle's staff -- all the updates will be available on the math circle's web page and send to you by email. Due to a large volume of requests, we are not able to answer individual general information questions.
  • Detailed information about  locations, times and name of instructors for all of the groups will be  available in   Summer Session Info section by mid-June.
  • For enrolled  students, ZOOM links will be available in your account, next to the name of the group your child is registered in. The ZOOM link will stay the same throughout the summer session.


Recent News

The Math Circle staff are grateful for everyone's support in this difficult time.  We are committed to continuing Olga's Math Circle legacy by ensuring that LAMC lives on and thrives.   

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