UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle

ORMC Entry Points

UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle (ORMC) has two programs, a regular program and a Summer one. The Summer program is not open for the regular program students. It is meant to give children outside of our regular ranks a taste of the Math Circle culture.

BNP Classes (K-1)

The first entry point to our regular program is our BNP class for students in grades K-1. We usually have two classes, BNP A and B, up to 20 students in each. The class is based on a book, called Breaking Numbers into Parts, hence the name. The book has two parts, both available on Amazon:  Part 1, Part 2.

We start BNP classes every two years because the book takes a bit more than a year to cover in the ORMC format, nine 50-min-long classes per quarter, three quarters in a school year.

Admissions are based on results of an assessment test, given at the beginning of September. The best way to prepare for the test is to solve Math Kangaroo competition problems for grades 1-2 from the years past. 

Beginners 1 Classes (grades 2-4)

The second entry point to the regular program is the Beginners 1 class for children in grades 2-4. BNP students in good standing progress to the Beginners 1 level automatically. We also expand the A and B classes to 25 students each. This is where new students can enter the program.

Our program for grades 2-4 is based on the book Math Adventures with ORMC, Level 1, from Optical Illusions to Fighting Dragons. Both a Workbook for students and its Teacher's Companion are available on Amazon.

If Spots Open Up

Past the Beginners 1 level, we only get an opening in the regular program if someone drops out. Please note that a student can drop out at the BNP and Beginners 1 level as well. 

In the case of such an opening, preference is given to applicants placed high on national math competitions:

Summer Program

The Summer program is independent of the regular program. We try to enroll as many applicants to our Summer program as we possibly can. The limiting factor is most often the number of instructors available in the Summer. If the number of applicants to a level exceeds the level's capacity, we give applicants an assessment test. Enrollment is then based on the test's results.

Having an opening in the regular program, we can invite a top Summer program performer to join.

Enrollment opening

Enrollment opens before the beginning of every quarter. For example, UCLA Fall quarter starts at the end of September. Therefore ORMC Fall quarter enrollment opens at the beginning of September and closes when the Fall quarter begins.