UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle


Meeting locations

Currently, the math circle groups meet in several rooms on the 3rd, 5th, and 6th floors in the Department of Mathematics at UCLA, as well as at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM).  IPAM is located close to the MS building, see campus map.

Important Note

The Mathematical Science Building is locked on Sundays.  Only the glass doors on the 5th floor (entry from the breezeway with vending machines) are unlocked during the times of the math circle.  

Directions to the Mathematics Sciences Building

(Any of these steps direct you to the same entrance to the Mathematical Sciences Building. Click on "View larger map" and then on "directions" below for Google directions from your current location).


Public transportation

Several bus companies (including the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus and the Culver City Bus) serve the UCLA campus. On Sundays, busses stop at the Ackerman Union bus terminal. It can be found on the left side of the map above (marked by a small bus icon). From the bus terminal, walk up a stairway between the Ackerman Union (UCLA Store) and an Engineering building. You will see the Math Sciences building to your right. Keep walking until you see an archway with some vending machines. Enter the archway and go through glass doors to your right.


The closest pay-by hour parking lots are P2 (enter campus on Hilgard/Westholme) and P8 (enter via Westwood Blvd or Strathmore Pl). 

P2 lot offers parking from $3/one hour up to $12/full day. 
P8 rates go from $1/20mins up to $12/ full day. 

Only cash and credit cards may be used at campus pay stations. Pay stations accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express. There are no refunds for purchases at campus pay stations. Pay stations only accept $1, $5, and $10 bills and DO NOT give change in the form of cash or credit.

Alternatively, daily parking permits can be purchased for $12 from the parking kiosk as you enter the campus - these daily permits only apply to lot 9.

Important Note. Campus police will issue citations for improperly parked vehicles, or vehicles parked in parking or delivery spaces without an appropriate permit. The only parking allowed on Portola Plaza (street next to IPAM) requires a Disabled Person Parking Placard.


Inside the Mathematical Sciences Building

As described above, you should have entered the Mathematical sciences building on its 5th floor through glass doors in an archway with vending machines.  Immediately as you enter, you will see an elevator on your left. 

MS5200 is across the elevator, to the right of the glass doors as you enter.

For rooms on the 6th floor: Take the elevator up one floor to the 6th floor. Exit the elevator and turn left. MS6221: Make a left at the next corridor, MS6221 is to your right. MS6201: As you exit the elevator, the room is the first room you see on the left (don't go to any of the corridors, it's almost across from the elevator). MS6627: Turn left as you exit the elevator and keep walking until the corridor forks. Take the left fork, then turn left into another corridor. MS6627 is to your right half-way down that other corridor. MS6620 is across the hall from MS6627

For rooms on the 3rd floor: Do not take the elevator next to the glass doors at the 5th floor entrance, as it does not serve the third floor.  Instead, keep walking past it, following the corridor.  At the very end of the corridor, there will be two elevators.  Take either one to the third floor.  For MS3915A, exit to the right from the elevator; the room is the first one you will see.  MS3915D, MS3915D and MS3915H are down the same corridor. For MS3974, turn left exiting the elevator and then immediately left again, entering a long corridor.  The room is at its end.