UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle

ULCA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle rules and expectations

By joining the UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle students and parents agree to abide by the following rules:


We strongly discourage late arrivals since they are very disruptive to the sessions.


  • Bring a 3 ring binder dedicated to the Math Circle materials. You will be putting handouts and worksheets into this binder.
  • Bring scratch paper.
  • Bring pencils, pens and erasers.
  • If asked by the instructor, bring additional supplies (such as compasses and rulers for geometry sessions; calculators, graph paper, etc.)
  • Make your best effort in completing problems assigned for homework.
  • If you have missed a session, be sure to download the handout from the web page and work through it at home.


  • No food or drink in the classrooms while classes are in session (you may have a snack during the break only).
  • No cell phones or electronic games are allowed during class time. Calculators are allowed only in sessions when instructors have asked to bring them.
  • No running and playing in the classrooms, hallways, bathrooms or elevators.
  • Stay quiet in the hallways.
  • Follow the instructions of group instructors and ORMC staff.
  • Be engaged in the classroom activities (no working on outside projects or homework; no cell phones; no playing games; no reading of outside materials).
  • Maintain classroom environment conductive of learning (be respectful to the instructors, your peers; stay in your seat; do not speak out of turn).
  • Be careful with the furniture and classroom equipment, as well as when using any university facilities.
  • Clean up your work space before leaving the classroom.


  • Parents (except for specially designated room parents) are generally not allowed in the classrooms during the math circle sessions.
  • Room parents help the lead instructor and circle docents and divide their attention equally between the children.
  • Please stay with your children until the session starts.
  • Please sign in and sign out your child on the sign up sheets provided next to the classroom (the sign-up sheets are maintained by room parents).
  • Conversation in the hallways should be kept to a minimum.
  • Please pick up your child(ren) promptly at the end of the math circle sessions.
  • If your child has an allergy or another medical issue that you think we need to know about, please talk to your child’s group lead instructor or the ORMC director.

Last revised: July 15, 2019