UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle

4/2/2023 -- Intermediate 1A: Spring - Proof Practice - Induction

Class Logistics:

We will meet from 4-6 pm at Math Sciences 6221

Class Plan:

We will learn about proof by induction by doing lots of practice problems!

Please see the handout from the lesson attached below.

Note that we will be covering this handout over multiple lessons.

Students are not expected to finish the whole handout in class;

instead, most students completed 1 to 4 problems, as we expected.

Required Resources:

Pencil, eraser, and scratch paper.

Homework Due:


Homework Assigned:

Although arithmetic/algebra is essential to prove statements “rigorously”, visual proofs are often more useful for building intuition.

The homework for this week is to watch the following two videos and relate them to problems from the handout.

Students should write down which problem in the handout each of these videos corresponds to, as well as how the two styles of proof differ in approach.

Please note that the handout is not due as homework, even for students who were absent last class.

Students who were absent are encouraged to read the first page of the handout and may attempt the problems if they want to.

We’ve included the following video as a guided solution to Problem 1: Proof by induction | Sequences, series and induction | Precalculus | Khan Academy

Contact Information:

Please reach out to the instructors Andy Shen at andyshen55@g.ucla.edu or Naji Sarsam at najisarsam@g.ucla.edu if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!