UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle

10/31/2021 -- Beginners 2A: Fall - Cryptarithms (Halloween Lesson)

Class Plan:

We go over a fun Halloween-themed lesson plan today and continue our study of geometry next week.

Required Resources:

A pencil and eraser.

Homework Due:

None. The homework assigned last week will be due next week and is repeated again below.

Homework Assigned:

Same homework as last week. We highly recommend the students review up to the second last page in the packet posted below. The last page is optional, but encouraged, for students who have mastered the prior material. Note that the homework packet below combines the end of the "Introduction to Geometry - Lesson 2" handout with the beginning of the "Introduction to Geometry - Lesson 3" handout. Thus, the packet is entirely review and all material the students have seen at least once.

Contact Information:

Please reach out to the instructors Andy Shen at andyshen55@g.ucla.edu or Naji Sarsam at najisarsam@g.ucla.edu if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!