UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle


William Chen qualified for USAJMO. Michael Zhang qualified for USAMO.

ORMC students who qualified for AIME 2022:

  • Fateh Aliev qualified on AMC 10.
  • William Chen qualified on AMC 10.
  • Kylar Cheng qualified on AMC 10.
  • Jack Fasching qualified on both AMC 10A and 12B.
  • Shimon Schlessinger qualified on AMC 10.
  • Yash Vora qualified on AMC 12.
  • Phoebe Xu qualified on AMC 10.
  • Jenna Yang qualified on AMC 12.
  • Ellie Zhang qualified on AMC 10.
  • Connor Zhao qualified on AMC 10.

AMC 8: Justin Kim, Patrick Liang, Daniel Sun, and Connor Zhao got the Honor Roll of Distinction (top 1% in the nation). What makes this feat even more remarkable is the fact that Patrick is in the 5th grade, Justin and Daniel are in the 4th grade, while Connor also qualified for AIME being in the 8th grade!

Math Kangaroo: hats off to ORMC students placed 1st nationwide, Boyan Manolov, Charlotte Huang, Kylar Cheng, and Patrick Liang.


American Math Competition // AMC 8

  • Phoebe Xu scored in the top 1% in the nation (Honor Roll with Distinction)
  • Minghao Guo scored in the top 5% in the nation (Honor Roll) and received a Certificate of Achievement (awarded to students in grade 6 or below who score 15 points or higher)
  • Raymond Cai, Ibrahim Piri, and Aidan Shin each scored in the top 5% in the nation (Honor Roll)

American Math Competitions // AMC 10/12 // AIME // USAMO

Congratulations to ORMC students who scored high on AMC10/12:

  • Qiao Zhang, received a perfect score on AMC 10.
  • Qiao Zhang, William Chen, and August Deer each scored in the top 1% in the nation on AMC 10.
  • Hugh Cheng, Kylar Cheng, and Jack Fasching each scored in the top 5% in the nation on AMC 10.

Other ORMC AIME qualifiers included Richard Zhu,  Maria Arakelyan, Joaquin Perkins, and Connor Zhao

Qiao Zhang qualified for the USA Junior Math Olympiad. 

Congratulations! And a great many thanks to the instructors who helped them prepare for the tests: Aditee Prabhutendolkar, Joy Shi, Alex Pascadi, Ciprian Bonciocat, Jacob Zhang, and Shend Zhjeqi!

US Academic Pentathlon

Samuel Lanzuela scored 1st nationwide in Mathematics on the US Academic Pentathlon. 

2018-2019 LAMC/ORMC Student Achievements

American Math Competitions

AMC 8 top 1% in the US: Jereth Liu, Kyler Cheng, Tiger Zhang, Alex Lee, Sriya Kalyan, Alexander Bai

AMC8 top 5% in the US: Kai Wells, Jack Fasching, Connor Zhao, Joseph Kim, Konstantin Gaydev, Shriya Rajesh

AIME Qualifiers (after taking AMC10/12): August Deer, Tiger Zhang, Ryan Tsai, Joshua Lawrence, Ji Won Kim, Lydia Qin, Alexander Bai

USAJMO Qualifier (after taking AMC10/12): Tyler Weigand (scored 19 on USAJMO)

Math Kangaroo

1st place in the US (in their grade levels): Rose Cohen, Mark Landriu, Ibrahim Piri, Fateh Aliyev, Jack Fasching, Jereth Liu, Tyler Weigand

3rd - 10th places Nationwide (in their grade levels): Patrick Liang, Lucas Lee, Jouha Kim, Fatima Aliyeva, Boyan Manolov, Eisa Hart, Kai Lewis, Joseph Kim, Joaquin Perkins, Julian Harrison, Aiden Lee, Ryan Tsai, Samir Mallya, Kyler Cheng

11th-20th places in the US (in the their grade levels): Natalia Landau, Gavin Cheung, Minghao Guo, Leonardo Lam, Adyanshi Vira, Raymond Cai, Michael Salko, Leo Lhert, Christopher Weng, Robert Shlyakhtenko, Lydia Qin, Anton Buznikov, Joyce Wang

Noetic Learning Contest Honor Roll

Avish Banerjee, Marcus Collins, Xavier Rowe, Colin Ho, Innay Vellore (perfect score), Inika Vellore

Bay Area Math Olympiad

Natalie Deering – absolute 3rd place among all participants; August Deer and Tiger Zhang – Honorable mention

USA Math Talent Search

August Deer – Bronze Medal

About National Math Competitions

  • American Mathematics Competitions is a series of mathematical competitions of increasing difficulty, starting with the AMC (for grades 8, 10, 12), continuing with AIME (for those who qualify), and finishing with the USAMO. The top participants in the USAMO are invited to take part in the Summer Program, where a US team for the Iinternational Olympiad is selected. The dates for this year's AMC are listed below. Several ORMC meetings will be devoted to preparing students for AMC and AIME.
  • American Regions Math League (ARML) is a challenging team competition (15-student teams representing schools or geograpical regions compete in challenging problem solving). The Southern California ARML teams are organized and coached by Prof. Kent Merryfield at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). Please contact Prof. Merryfield at kmerry@csulb.edu if you are interested in ARML.
  • USA Math Talent Search The USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS) is a free mathematics competition open to all United States middle and high school students. As opposed to most mathematics competitions, the USAMTS allows students a full month to work out their solutions. Carefully written justifications are required for each problem. The problems range in difficulty from being within the reach of most high school students to challenging the best students in the nation. Each year, the USAMTS consists of four rounds, with each round featuring five problems. Here is the link to the current Math Talent Search: http://www.usamts.org/Problems/U_Problems.php
  • Pomona Talent search  The Pomona College Mathematical Talent Search partners with the University of Wisconsin-Madison to provide exciting mathematical problems to students who are interested in a challenge.  The questions do not require any advanced mathematical knowledge; but they do require interest and talent in problem solving.  We send out five problem sets each school year and provide solutions online. More information is available at: http://math.pomona.edu/talentsearch.html

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