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The Los Angeles Math Circle is a K-12 outreach activity of the UCLA Mathematics Department. The Math Circle depends on generous donations of its supporters to ensure its contiuous operation.

To donate online using your credit card, CLICK HERE.

Please select "Math Circle" as the Gift option. 
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You can also contact the circle's director Olga Radko (radko@math.ucla.edu) or send a check payable to the UCLA Foundation (with a memo: Department of Mathematics/Math Circle/ Account # 61938O) to

Olga Radko,
520 Portola Plaza 
Math Sciences Building 6363 
Department of Mathematics, 
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1555.

Your donation is tax deductible. The IRS ID# is 95-2250801.

Thank you for your support of high quality mathematics activity for all our children.

LAMC is grateful to Sierra Chen for establishing the Sierra Chen Endowed Program Fund that supports the operation of the circle.


Generous support for LAMC is currently provided by private donations.

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