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Welcome to the Los Angeles Math Circle (LAMC)!

Fall Session 2019 information

  • The dates for the Fall session are October 6th -- December 8th.
  • There is no meeting on December 1st (Thanksgiving weekend)
  • Detailed information about  locations, times and name of instructors for all of the groups is available in Current Quarter Info section.
  • We have finalized enrollment into all of the groups in the Fall 2019 session.

Enrollment for new  students

  1. We do not anticipate any spots for new applicants for Fall 2019. If a spot opens up, we will review all applications into the group and contact you if we have a spot for your child.
  2. New applicants in elementary and middle school should apply to our Summer session. Summer session is designed specifically for new students. Academic year students are not accepted into the summer session. Thus, this is the best way for a new student to experience the math circle. Applications are out every May. All the applicants are tested. However, we only have most of elementary and middle school grade levels in the summer session.
  3. New applicants who are high school students should provide all the details of their math-related academic activities in the application. List the course you are currently taking (or just completed), such as Honors Geometry, Calculus BC, etc. Add courses that you took online (e.g., through Art of Problem Solving), competitions  results (from American Math Competition, American Invitational Math Exam, Bay Area Math Olympiad, Math Kangaroo).

Enrollment for continuing students

All continuing academic year students in good standing  are guaranteed a spot in the math circle. However, you still have to submit the application every session (Fall, Winter and Spring). This is the only way for us to know you are interested in continuing with the program.


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Coming up next:

12/8 -- Advanced 1A: Team Competition

For the last meeting of the quarter we will split up into groups and compete!

12/8 -- Advanced 2A: Final Meeting

12/8 -- Advanced 2B: Competition Day with 2A

(Details TBA)

12/8 -- Beginners 2A: Math Dominoes

For the last meeting of 2019, we will be playing Math Dominoes, a fun math relay race!

12/8 -- Beginners 2B: Math Dominoes

For the last meeting of 2019, we will be playing Math Dominoes, a fun math relay race!

12/8 -- BNP: Chapter 7: Harder Subtraction Problems

We will continue the BNP curriculum.

12/8 -- BNP Bridge: Math Kangaroo Practice

We will solve problems from the Math Kangaroo grades 1-2 contest.