UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle

2/19/2023 -- Intermediate 1B: 2/19/2023 -- Intermediate 1B: Winter - Coding for SET - Functions and Classes I

Coding for SET - Functions and Classes I

Quarter Goals:

  • Learn the basics of abstract algebra
  • Model the card game SET with pure math and Python

Class Logistics:

We will meet from 4-6 pm at Math Sciences 6229

Class Plan:

We learn about functions and classes in Python, to efficiently program SET.

The following notebook was used in class:


Required Resources:

Pencil, eraser, computers, and associated accessories should be brought.

The SET card game is not needed for this lesson.

Homework Due:

We have a second Python homework assignment due by February 14 and a third Python notebook due by February 21. Please do the following:

Instructions for submission are in the emails sent.

Contact Information:

Please reach out to the instructors Anvesha Dutta, anveshadutta@g.ucla.edu or Siddarth Chalasani, darthsid2000@g.ucla.edu if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!