Los Angeles Math Circle

 Summer 2020 groups 

Dates for the subsequent quarters and academic years are available in the FAQs  section of the web page.

  • Summer session's First meeting: Sunday, June  28th
  • Summer session's Last meeting: Sunday, August 16th

Please note that only officially enrolled students will be able to participate. 

 GroupGrade Levels (in Fall2020)Time(s)Lead Instructor(s)AssistantsComments
1Beginners 12

Beginners 1a: 3:45-4:45pm

Beginners 1b: 5-6pm

Nadya Kuzkina

Nadya Kuzkina

Gregory Gleizer

Gregory Gleizer

2Beginners 23-4

Beginners 2a: 3:45-4:45pm

Beginners 2b: 5-6pm

Oleg Gleizer

Vivian Moy-Dinson

William Tao

William Tao

3Intermediate 15-64-6pmPreston CarrollNitya Ravi, Zhin Pyoung Rhee 
4Intermediate 27-8

Intermediate 2a: 4-6pm

Intermediate 2b: 4-6pm

Colin Curtis

Richard Yim

Zhenyi Chen, Xuxin Zhang, Arul Kolla

Glenn Sun, August Deer


ZOOM links to the meetings will be emailed to the students and will also be available in your math circle account (next to the word "ENROLLED").