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ORMC Meetings • 2022-2023 Academic Year

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We will play a game, called Estimathon (https://estimathon.com/), and start learning about Einstein's special relativity theory.


We continue having fun around Einstein's special relativity. This time we discuss time dilation


This week we will discuss length contraction in ESP theory. Please keep having fun

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There are many ways to characterize integers: primes versus composite, abundant versus deficient, even naughty versus nice. We will focus on the second of these, trying to make sense of the question, “what’s the probability an integer is abundant?” Exploring this question will compel us to think deeply about primes, and a menagerie of Greek letters, and even the question of naughty versus nice.


Students will study possibly the most important 20th century computer, the slide rule.


This Sunday we will have a special Halloween estimathon and for the remaining time we will look at a worksheet on measurement errors.


This Sunday we will look at certain optimization probles, which will include the minimization and maximization of area, distance, or perimeter, given certain constraints, and properties of light.

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Hello, this Sunday we will continue with optimization problems in a more geometrical context.

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